Prattle Analytics needed to implement the next phase of their business strategy, which required an improved website to facilitate stronger search engine results, along with a user friendly API subscription service to their proprietary data analytics platform. Equally important was the need for the website to reflect their new branding. Prattle Analytics turned to TDK Technologies for help. TDK developed and delivered an API with commercial grade security for their customers and developed the new version of the Prattle Analytics website on a platform that would support Search Engine Optimization, all while keeping costs in line with the Prattle Analytics' business plan.
Technologies Used
OAuth 2.0
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TDK Technologies was approached by Prattle Analytics with the desire for a new website structure that would improve search engine rankings and communicate new branding.  In addition, the website needed to provide the ability to manage marketing content and customer access to Prattle Analytics' fee-based API. Prattle Analytics offers financial forecasting to their business customers in the financial and investment management community, who require swift response and reliable data.  TDK focused on understanding the business and the needs of Prattle Analytics' customers while defining requirements.

By taking into account all facets of the business, TDK was able to develop an API and website that offered a value-driven approach and a satisfying experience to Prattle Analytics' customers while simultaneously keeping costs low and allowing Prattle Analytics the freedom to focus resources in other key areas.  In the new Prattle Analytics world, customers can register for an account on the website, and once approved, the business can grant or revoke customer access to the API and control what subset of the API data each customer may access.  The API was also built with commercial grade security, reducing the worry for Prattle Analytics and their customers.  

Ultimately, TDK Technologies delivered an API with commercial grade security and a new website with new branding on a platform that supports Search Engine Optimization, providing unsurpassed value and keeping costs exactly where Prattle Analytics expected them.

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