Twain Financial Partners (Twain) needed to automate a highly manual data load process that is critical to their business. This manual process was labor intensive, required significant overhead costs and introduced data errors into their process. After meeting with Twain and performing discovery with 3rd Party vendors that were involved with the process, TDK Technologies developed an automated data load service, for importing the raw data files provided by one 3rd Party vendor’s system and placing them in a transitional database for use by Twain Financial Partners via their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.
Technologies Used
SQL Server
Windows Server
Visual Studio
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Twain Financial Partners was working on a business process automation project to streamline a critical and labor-intensive data load process. The process was being managed manually, which required valuable employee time for data entry activities and often introduced errors.  TDK met with representatives from Twain to understand their business needs and the unique challenges. TDK collaborated with Twain and the vendors to define a ETL process to extract data from the source files provided by one vendor’s system and load them into a transitional database for use via their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. TDK’s team developed the data load service, leveraging Agile Development process flow. During development, the team uncovered the need to load data from Access Database files into the transitional database in addition to the XML files.  Working in Agile allowed the team to easily modify the scope of the project and include the additional functionality in the final product.

In addition to automating the business critical data load process, TDK ensured that Twain personnel would be notified via error monitoring and messaging if any step within the process failed due to issues outside the control of the data load service middleware.  TDK also set up the data load service to be easily configurable.  This allowed Twain to modify important aspects of the functionality, like how often the service runs, who receives error messages and where data files are stored.  These changes are all initiated by the end user and do not require any programming changes. Information on how to change these configurations was documented by TDK and provided to Twain at the close of the project.

Based on TDK’s performance on this project, Twain Financial Partners has requested TDK’s assistance with additional technology needs.

TDK’s team is highly effective with translating our business goals into technology solutions. Moreover, TDK is nimble enough to flex and scale with a wide array of projects.
- Keith Willy
COO/Principal, Twain Financial Partners
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