Intercard seeks innovative ways to bring solutions to customers. They determined one way to assist customers would be to offer a mobile application to track equipment service requests. Based on prior history, Intercard knew TDK would bring the expertise needed to develop and deliver their vision and exactly what customers needed to get equipment up and running as quickly as possible.
Technologies Used
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Intercard, a market leader in stored value cards, continues to build services around card readers for gaming centers and casinos. Realizing an application to submit repair requests and track service status through to completion would bring great value to customers, Intercard tasked TDK to produce the mobile application.

The mobile application was developed to trigger two things when a service request is submitted: 1) game in need of repair is taken out of service and 2) a push notification is sent to the technician. Through the mobile application, the technician is able to view a complete list of game machines at a specific location, as well as pinpoint the exact location of the game submitted for service. Once service is complete, the technician inputs hours, cost, and other information.  The game is then put back into service from the mobile application.

TDK developed the application native to Android using C#. The push notification feature was setup using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services platform. Understanding Intercard's vision and what customers and technicians needed to quickly and efficiently get equipment service requests submitted and repair completed, TDK developed an application which gave Intercard a competitive advantage in their industry.

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