With a desire to update and improve several of their portal applications, MOHELA approached TDK. The portals served 3 client bases and required updating and improvements to enhance the overall user experience. As technology continues to evolve, MOHELA needed applications with enhanced functionality as well the ability to allow for future upgrades.
Technologies Used
Bootstrap 3
EntityFramework 6.2
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As a leader in managing student loans and higher education financing, MOHELA is dedicated to providing a first-class customer experience. It is important to MOHELA to offer cutting-edge technology to allow convenience in the repayment of loans as well as account information. Based on their existing relationship with TDK, MOHELA knew the portal solution delivered would not only meet their needs but would exceed their high quality standards.

TDK utilized design patterns for deployment which allows the site to function as a portal for multiple sites. The updated code base and optimal design allow maintenance of multiple sites through a single deployment resulting in lower cost.  The enhanced functionality leveraged native technology to allow for current and future feature enhancements. The design permits dynamic theming based on the business accessing the site. It also consolidates multiple pieces of functionality into a single site that can then be shared between different businesses without the need to duplicate the code, which would increase the complexity of maintenance.

Enhancing the customer experience and providing top-notch functionality, the delivered product gave MOHELA exactly what the customers desired. TDK’s portal development expertise provided MOHELA with a final product tailored for their needs and allowed for future feature and enhancement options.

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