Mobile Everything

Mobile affects everyone who is selling or buying something.  People are using mobile devices to do everything, which is evident by the tremendous growth in smartphone usage.  Mobile connection speeds are exploding and devices are becoming faster.  What technology trend has grown more?

Demographics show an increase in mobile usage by millennials, students and even baby boomers. All of these groups are thriving on the multitude of mobile applications available to solve a myriad of problems. The simple desire of being connected 24/7, constant communication and instant gratification is fueling this trend. This suggests a continued growth in mobile hardware, but it is the increased amount of applications and software associated with mobile that will become the real trend.

Smartphone users are now shopping and buying more with their devices than ever before. Mobile sites from retailers are growing, all pointing to an increased number of purchases from mobile devices, also known as m-commerce. M-commerce sales levels will hit new highs.

The way we work and spend leisure time has changed. Collaboration in the mobile world is happening as we speak. Virtual working is now the norm and not an exception. This will continue to drive mobile devices and the associated usage.

Developers Continue to Be in High Demand

Digital communication has become an important facet for many companies.  These organizations are relying on technology companies and web professionals to create and develop their online presence. These professionals are typically web developers that are now, and will continue to be, in high demand. Web developers have the technical skills to create the multi-faceted websites, web applications, e-commerce platforms and online capabilities.  Web developers are projected to be one of the most in-demand jobs in the world by 2022.

Data Privacy Will Continue to Be a Major Technology Issue

Data privacy is now at the forefront for any company collecting online data.  Just ask companies like Target and Neiman Marcus.  The amount of sensitive, financial and private information transmitted online every hour is immense. Web hacking has increased due to the poor security in many websites and web applications.

It is the responsibility of every business owner who has an online presence to ensure that data collected is protected against vulnerabilities and exploitation. Data security will be an increasing focus and trend for the coming year. Those companies with any kind of online presence are in for challenging times as it relates to security. Technology solutions must continue to evolve in order to secure data and prevent breaches in the future.

Wearable Technology Is Up and Coming

It was bound to happen: technology that is wearable. What do we mean by that? Imagine the T-shirt you wear that monitors your heartbeat, breathing and body temperature; a cap with the built in camera tracing your steps all day; the headband that wakes you up at your designated time; a pair of glasses that allows you to see, capture and live the world hands-free. These are just a few examples of wearable technology. The trend for wearable technology will be both boutique products and more mainstream products as markets are penetrated and demand grows.

People love gadgets, especially gadgets that improve life activity. If wearable technology creates better life experiences, consistently, it will become more mainstream and part of daily existence.

This trend will cause companies that are involved in wearable technology to recruit workers with a unique set of talents that can be brought together into a team: user experience designers, web designers, software developers, artists, and creative writers to tell stories.

Social Media For Business Will Become a “Must Have”

Social media marketing allows businesses to leverage technology to even the playing field with bigger brands and companies. There continues to be a growing need to communicate with customers, especially in the online world. There will always be a growing need to leverage relationships, which is one of the outcomes of successful social media marketing.  The ultimate result of successful social media marketing is sharing and positioning.

While there are many components within social media marketing, blogging will rise as a more significant marketing vehicle to generate new business. Customers and prospects want great content. Sharing content on a blog can drive traffic to not only a blog, but to a website. This is the number one online marketing activity that will drive leads.

Social media marketing is online word of mouth marketing. This represents a powerful way to get in front of customers and prospects. Giving your best customers ways to share the word about you and your business will create new audiences that will grow to know, like and trust you; all the reasons to do business with you. Social media marketing is the vehicle to make this happen.

Companies will see the increased impacts of social media marketing through lead generation, website/blog traffic, and increased revenue. Watch this trend closely in the coming year. 

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