FUSION Marketing (FUSION) had several projects to complete, including brand recognition, employee incentives and rewards programs, and additional functionality to existing applications. Collaborating with TDK in past development efforts, FUSION knew TDK's experience and expertise would result in not only meeting requirements, but showcasing the best possible solutions.
Technologies Used
RESTful services
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The solutions FUSION needed to provide to their clients covered various scopes. TDK's IT professionals provided the versatile team necessary to complete development, provide positive user experiences, and add application enhancements that FUSION'S clients required. TDK provided solutions including report functionality, iOS 9 update compatibility, creation of widgets and static pages, and additional functionality to platform solutions.

FUSION developed an employee incentive platform for a client to encourage sales of products to new accounts. The program was designed with a hierarchy of employee levels with assigned roles and permissions. TDK used Java and PHP to develop the reporting functionality and build report interfaces in tabular format with data range filter ability. A feature added to the product was the option to sort by columns and download data to a CSV file to enhance the ease-of-use.

The iOS 9 update release presented a compatibility issue with the mobile application for one of FUSION's clients. Sales representatives use the application to process claims and began having issues after installation of the iOS 9 update. TDK made programming changes within the application which allowed compatibility with the new iOS 9 update, resulting in sales representatives being able to successfully process claims.

TDK developed web services, including registration and reporting, to support another employee incentive program that FUSION rolled-out for a client. TDK identified and applied database related changes necessary to support the upload and registration process. The web/mobile registration process allows an employee or customer to register in the program. RESTful web services were modified to upload the registration process. The homepage displays a widget showing employee/customer progress toward incentives along with static pages for access to program rules, travel information, and a privacy policy. An upload process allows the import of data files for employees/customers and import/export capabilities provide the ability for selected reports to be exported into a CSV file.

Additional functionality into an existing Android mobile application was required by a FUSION client. The added functionality included data parsing, search functionality, filtering, and email generation. TDK tested the application on various emulators for Android OS versions to ensure the added functionality successfully performed according to specifications.

FUSION and TDK's collaborative efforts once again resulted in successful solutions for both FUSION and their clients. TDK not only met defined deadlines, but provided the solutions ahead of schedule. 

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