Deliverable-Based Solutions

At TDK Technologies, we take the time to understand your business goals, then design and deliver custom software solutions to help you reach them.

Our Deliverable-Based Solutions Process

TDK assists clients through detailed, collaborative discovery to evaluate the best solution alternatives for maximum return on technology investment.

Deliverable-based solutions start with a deep understanding of your business, acquired by asking detailed questions. This understanding is necessary to make sure that your desired customer experience, internal processes and systems, potential risks and additional opportunities are identified. 

Specific objectives and inputs are captured to identify the problem or pain point that the technology solution is to address. TDK’s project managers and business development managers are experienced in planning and facilitating effective discovery in a variety of organizations, business models and processes.

The foundation of successful technology delivery is making informed decisions that make sense for your business. TDK has a broad base of business, technology and management expertise to efficiently complete a discovery process that will enable us to advise and collaborate with you to make informed technology investment decisions.

TDK works collaboratively but deliberately to determine the best approach so that your objectives can be met in a timely manner. 

There are rarely any cookie-cutter solutions, but there are usually multiple options to getting your technology needs met. TDK utilizes a collaborative approach to review discovery inputs, analyze alternatives and design recommended strategies for delivery of a solution to meet your needs.

Depending upon your specific needs, TDK will utilize a team of experienced analysts, UX designers, architects, software engineers, project managers and testers to turn your discovery investment into an execution strategy that will deliver the best solution for you. 

Your business process or product development strategy will also be an important factor in evaluating the best approach. The desired user experience is identified and captured through iterative design so that the solution engages and activates your customers or users. 

TDK will evaluate and recommend the best technologies for your needs, as well as the delivery execution approach that will optimize time to delivery and cost while managing risk to deliver the highest quality software solution. 

TDK delivers primarily through iterative and agile methodologies that yield usable deliverables at the end of each iteration cycle. We also have experience with projects where a highly structured waterfall methodology is important due to the governance required for the project. 

Hybrid engagement models have often been the best course of delivery to capture your specific user and business needs while moving to an agile methodology to build the software solution. 

Each engagement with our customers is unique; TDK ensures that your final product is tailored for your business needs. Building the best solution requires effective communication, monitoring and control mechanisms throughout the delivery phase of the project. These are defined and reviewed with the entire project team at the initiation of the delivery phase.

Effective and timely elaboration of your use cases and user stories is important to make sure that the right components and features are being built in the right sequence. Iterative deliverable review allows you to see the solution as it is being built so that timely and regular feedback is incorporated throughout the delivery phase.  

This approach allows TDK to make sure we meet your expectations and, more importantly, build the highest quality solution for you. Retrospective input is also captured for each development cycle so that the speed and quality improves over the delivery phase of your project.

Our Service Delivery team ensures that quality technical practices are implemented by the development teams. Solution testing methods are implemented to support delivery of a solution that performs and scales as well as meets your feature set requirements and the strongest possible user experience.

Areas of Expertise

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At TDK Technologies, software development is much more than writing code. It’s the combination of business needs and technical means to efficiently increase your organization’s  capabilities to provide your goods and services to the marketplace.

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At TDK Technologies, mobile development is much more than ensuring your web application has a mobile-friendly user experience. The right strategy to mobile development is as important as the development itself. It involves trade-offs between cost, time to market, accessibility of hardware resources/operating system, and performance.

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At TDK Technologies, web development success is about creating dynamic web applications which engage users, consume external services, and integrate with critical business systems.

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At TDK Technologies, we know user experience is made up of all the interactions a person has with a brand, company, or organization. Our approach to UI/UX design is to plan for all of those moments.

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At TDK Technologies, our project managers thrive wearing many hats throughout the life cycle of a project. They build teams, drive schedules, manage risk, resolve conflicts and provide status, just to name a few.

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At TDK Technologies, we know that some IT initiatives are bigger and more complex than a traditional project. They require the capability to flexibly manage related projects of varying complexities and methodologies using a variety of resources. They involve identifying and realizing the benefits of organizing the related project components into a program management model while maintaining a comprehensive view of business outcomes and project contributions.

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At TDK Technologies, business analysis is much more than just capturing what the business wants. It requires the ability to dig into your existing business processes and create a solution that gives you what you need to achieve your objectives.

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At TDK Technologies, the goals of quality assurance (QA) are to increase efficiency, make effective decisions, and ensure high quality services are provided to your business.

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At TDK Technologies, software architecture is more than the discipline of designing and implementing the high-level structures of a complex software system. TDK’s software architects go above and beyond, ensuring the frameworks and standards developed are consistent within the organization.

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At TDK Technologies, system administration is more than designing, modifying, and maintaining computer systems and networks. It’s about incorporating years of expertise and knowledge so your systems can deliver top level services and experiences to your customers.

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