MECS, an environmental engineering process technology company, had a critical production server that was running software that could no longer be maintained. MECS engaged TDK Technologies to analyze the current server configuration, replicate it, and add functionality to provide system redundancy.
Technologies Used
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MECS had a production server that was running outdated software, but was still critical to business operations.  The software was no longer being maintained and there was no one left on staff who understood how the software was built or how to perform a restoration in case of failure.

TDK Technologies was asked to provide redundancy and stability to the application since the business users of this application had a high dependency on it.  Running on only one server, MECS was concerned that, in the event of a system failure, the critical application would no longer be available.  MECS was familiar with TDK's expertise in multiple technology platforms and ability to quickly and accurately assess the technology needs, including the ability to make updates and strengthen system dependability.

TDK provided systems analysis to recreate an identical server for mirroring and redundancy.  The server was cloned and scripts were written to automate the necessary processes.  TDK developed an automated application to synchronize files and data between the servers and provide the necessary system redundancy.

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