Alton Steel needed a technology partner to develop a new customer portal in a manner that provided a valuable customer experience as well as scalability for future growth. They knew TDK Technologies could deliver this sort of solution and this is how it happened.
Technologies Used
Visual Studio
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To continue their leadership in the industry, Alton Steel, Inc. (ASI) decided to lead the way in providing information to their customers on all aspects of their steel manufacturing orders and related data. Their Director of IT had both the vision and buy-in from ASI customers and management to define a project and build the first Alton Steel, Inc. customer portal.  

TDK Technologies was selected because of their in-house capabilities to assist with the development.  Alton Steel chose VB.NET from a selection of available technology expertise provided by TDK. This allowed them to stick with a technology that was comfortable and compatible with their pre-existing platform.  TDK's Projects team gathered requirements and got to work to efficiently begin the development effort.  TDK provided UI design, development and project leadership to deliver the new portal interfaces to Alton Steel. The ASI team provided the web services to support the effort, in close coordination with TDK.  Several iterative sessions were held to review the design and the interface development effort to make sure it was the best possible customer experience.  Once final design was approved, development began.  During the development process, Alton Steel was able to continue to focus on running their business.

As development was wrapping up, TDK provided knowledge transfer to the ASI information technology team. This allowed Alton Steel to fully support the new technology themselves.

The project was completed on time within the budgeted cost.  Customer response and satisfaction was tremendous.  Alton Steel continues their relationship with TDK.  As additional projects and enhancements solidify, the dependability and versatility of TDK's application development team continue to prove valuable.  Based on a SBQ Bar Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Alton Steel customer portal was ranked #1 in e-commerce, based on the satisfaction rating from Alton Steel customers as well as other customers in the industry.

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