A growing capital equities management firm needed a .NET development company to upgrade their website with a number of online functional tools, in order to assist clients with their investment needs. The firm, being familiar with TDK Technologies' work through a previous successful Microsoft .NET web development project, engaged TDK to both develop and implement the new set of online tools. Using an Agile development methodology, TDK delivered five online tools for the financial firm’s website. TDK also improved the website framework, allowing for easier development and implementation of new features in the future. TDK’s use of Agile allowed them to change development direction as needed to support the firm's changing demands.
Technologies Used
Visual Studio
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After a previously successful ASP.NET web development project, a growing capital equities management firm returned to TDK Technologies, requesting .NET application development to create a number of online functional tools to assist their clients in planning for their investment needs.  These web-based tools provide statistics and recommendations to make investment plan decisions.  

In order to provide a foundational software platform for these tools, a Microsoft .NET framework was implemented across the site.  This allowed for efficiency of future development, as well as seamless interconnectivity of application components.  The components included:

  • A self-assessment analysis tool with investment portfolio recommendations
  • An automated retirement account evaluation tool to determine projected returns and suggested risk
  • Secure client login portal
  • Client documentation library
  • Video library

The .NET online software application development was completed in one week Sprints using an Agile methodology.  These components were seamlessly configured and integrated into the site.  The firm also asked for architectural enhancements to improve data accuracy and reduce ongoing maintenance efforts.  TDK was able to remain responsive with changing demands, allowing the firm to focus on strategic direction and customer experience.

Based on the significant positive response, the St. Louis based financial firm continues to partner with TDK for many ongoing technology needs.

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