With the growth of mobile device video recording, there are many videos available in the public domain. But, how do you know who owns a video, especially when the video is being used and knowing the video owner is required? Seeing the need to resolve this problem, especially for citizen journalists, VVS developed technology to watermark video/audio files created on mobile devices. VVS engaged TDK to design and develop a mobile application to integrate this technology.
Technologies Used
Audio/Visual APIs
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TDK designed and developed a mobile application to meet the needs of VSS and integrate their watermarking technology.  TDK collaborated with VVS to understand user personas, design vision, information architecture, technical architecture, and the application flow to ensure the user experience met expectations. Within the application, users have the ability to configure their profile, link social accounts, and determine information to be encoded into the watermark.  Users can link Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts within the mobile application.

The mobile application allows users to take videos on their phone and encode them with an audio watermark. The application can decode the watermark and retrieve the profile of the original author of the video from a cloud-based web service.  Users can also listen to a watermarked video, and the application will display the contact information for the user that first watermarked the video as well as links to their social accounts. 

Development of the mobile application was completed using the Ionic framework, Apache Cordova, and AngularJS. A custom Cordova plug-in to communicate with a C++ watermarking algorithm was written for iOS using Objective-C and C++. The Android version of the plug-in was written using Java, JNI, C++ and Android's NDK. Low level audio visual and media APIs were leveraged on both the iOS and Android platforms to capture video and audio streams, extract, decode, encode and multiplex raw audiovisual sample data, and to export watermarked videos to a user's media library. RESTful web services were written using Node.js and Express, and hosted on Amazon’s AWS cloud. The application was developed native to both Android and iOS to ensure compatibility.  

TDK's expertise provided VVS the knowledge and talent to successfully develop and produce a minimum viable product that VVS could test with users for feedback and additional idea generation.  VVS is working on branding and will be engaging TDK to integrate the branding as well as additional features.

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