MOHELA needed to produce a Borrower Defense to Repayment Loan Discharge form to meet Department of Education (DOE) regulations. The form allows students the ability to apply for a discharge of their loans. Utilizing prior experience creating ADA Compliant Form Wizards, TDK was able to quickly create the DOE regulatory form, placing MOHELA promptly within compliance.
Technologies Used
.net 4.5
SQL Server
Entity Framework 6
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Upon discovering an institution's publication of false job placement rates for many of its programs of study, the Department of Education released regulatory guidelines demanding high priority attention. MOHELA, a provider of student loan servicing and higher education financing, responded immediately to the guidelines by contacting TDK to develop the required electronic form, providing Borrowers the ability to request loan forgiveness. Adhering to defined DOE regulations and MOHELA requirements, TDK developed the Borrower Defense to Repayment Loan Discharge form. The electronic form gave Borrowers the ability to submit their request online as well as upload an image of their signature. Upon completion, a PDF is generated allowing the Borrower to electronically submit or print.

TDK's expertise allowed MOHELA to promptly meet the DOE regulatory standards.

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