CCA Global Partners was in need of a new technology partner to manage their enterprise intranet portal.
Technologies Used
Visual Basic
Web Services
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CCA did not feel it was getting the required level of customer service and business results from its current vendor. They needed a vendor who could meet their wide range of needs and consistently deliver projects on time, within budget and to specification. They appreciated TDK Technologies’ core competencies in management and technology services, along with TDK’s ability to bring both creative and IT resources to the table.

TDK has provided a wide range of services to CCA Global. TDK graphic designers have created new visual elements. TDK’s development team has worked with CCA's design team to create flash animations. Updates to the website have covered a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to: correcting session handling errors; correcting cross browser compatibility issues; integration with external sites and web services; updating existing pages; designing and implementing new pages; modifications to authorization methods; updates to SQL Server database schema and stored procedures; and redesigning the web portal of one of their subsidiaries. 

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