CCA Global Partners, a global provider of retailing, wholesaling, franchising and related B2B services, approached TDK Technologies with a pressing need.
Technologies Used
SQL Server
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CCA's custom lead management application was having issues with the routing of leads to the wrong stores and, in some instances, not delivering some leads altogether.  The company wanted to identify issues within the application and develop a plan for correction. Additionally, CCA was looking for a technology partner who could take over the long term maintenance and enhancement of the application.

TDK performed a detailed assessment of the code in order to decide whether the application was viable enough to fit in to CCA’s long term strategy. TDK validated transfer of information to the application and undertook a full analysis of the functionality. TDK then created a test plan, executed over 200 test cases and documented the findings. TDK reviewed the code in order to document the application’s database schema, architecture and application interfaces. TDK analyzed all the findings to determine the viability of ongoing support for the application. Several functional defects were identified, including error handling deficiencies, lack of health monitoring capabilities, lack of continuous integration and unit testing, and poor organization of business logic and data access mechanisms. 

Upon completion of the application review and testing, TDK recommended that correcting the functional deficiencies and continuing long term support of the application would indeed be viable. TDK created a plan for correcting the application’s deficiencies, migrating the production environment to the client, creating a stage environment for the client, migrating the development environment and application components to TDK, and establishing a primary source code repository, continuous integration server and periodic backups at TDK. A plan for long term Tier 2 support and application enhancements was created as well.

TDK was very engaged in improving our business, not just completing the project.
- Brett Shorts
Operations Manager, ProSource Wholesale Floor Coverings
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