An industry leading automotive rental company needed to add location search capability to its existing software platform used by insurance carriers, adjusters, collision repair centers and all partners involved in the claims and repair channels. The goal was to develop a system that would integrate with I-CAR (Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) to help those involved in vehicular accidents find certified repair shops quickly and easily. TDK took on the challenge and delivered the desired capability quickly.
Technologies Used
Angular 6
Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
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The client company intends to provide continuing investment in an existing software platform which provides communication and workflow efficiencies between industry suppliers, repairers, vehicle owners and insurers. This project delivered on that stated goal by creating a responsive mobile/web application that allows users to search for qualified body shops that are certified by I-CAR, an international not-for-profit organization providing information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs.

The TDK team developed an application where users can filter results by location, I-CAR certification criteria, insurance company, and vehicle manufacturer. Of key importance was the capability to provide a way to search by zip code and showcase the certified repair locations in the specified area with a ‘gold star’ visual designation.  This required configuring the Application Programming Interface (API) in a manner to properly pull results from the I-CAR database using information provided to the locator app. An enhanced search results view added multi-level filtering. The client also wanted the ability to enable and disable search filters based on desired parameters.

TDK created a responsive design for mobile devices and desktops which allowed both landscape and portrait views. In addition, capability was added to allow the client to rebrand the site when applicable and to configure hyperlinks to external content from logo badges. The TDK team used client-supplied screen shots, incorporated the desired specifications, and delivered the user experience the client desired. The project took just three months to complete.

Feedback from the client was extremely positive. A primary point of contact said he was extremely pleased with the TDK team and called the experience with this project “absolutely fantastic”.  He really appreciated the “higher-level” discussion that TDK brings to the table.

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