Building Works, Inc., a leading resource for electronic data management for the building industry, approached TDK Technologies with a unique need.
Technologies Used
Microsoft Visio
Business Analysis
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They had used an out-of-town software firm to develop and maintain their proprietary application, the cornerstone of Building Works' business, from its inception.  After several years, Building Works no longer felt that the out-of-town firm had their best interests at heart.  After a quick review of the software, TDK explained to Building Works that the application was written using outdated and unsupported technology, and wouldn't support web-based access or a number of other product enhancements they wanted to incorporate.

TDK performed a "start from scratch" analysis of the product by reviewing current application functionality.  TDK reviewed industry protocols and standards to ensure that the future design would include industry-standard integration with architectural design and maintenance management packages.  TDK mapped current-state process flows and developed new application requirements with the project sponsor and business stakeholders.  TDK then presented Building Works with full requirements for the re-engineered application, including screen flows, wireframes, and a fixed price estimate and schedule for development in a .NET environment. 

TDK's ability to clearly understand business issues enables them to develop technology solutions more effectively and completely.
- Ann Schwetye
President, BuildingWorks Inc.
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