DeMoulin, a global leader in marching band and musical performance group apparel, needed a website with a new and improved fashion industry caliber look.
Technologies Used
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They also required an easy-to-use interface to allow non-IT trained contributors to make regular updates to the website content.  TDK Technologies gathered requirements for the website and recommended Drupal as a Content Management System solution. During the design phase, TDK's graphic designers and analysts created wireframes and mockups which met the requirements. A model of how each section of the site would be implemented using Drupal's nodes, blocks and views was created, as well. SEO analysis was conducted and incorporated into the site design in order to make the site search engine friendly. A custom theme was then developed to implement the mockups. Drupal nodes, blocks and views were created to implement specific sections of the site, such as displays of news feeds, testimonials, sponsorships, designs and catalogs. The home page featured a jQuery image slider, which was integrated with the views module through custom template overrides. Various custom template overrides were created to support other elements of the site, as well. After thorough testing, the website was successfully deployed, with the project completing on time, within budget and to specification. 

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