Fashion apparel retailer Glik’s approached TDK Technologies with a need to upgrade their Shopping Cart system. Because Glik’s had worked with one of TDK’s SEO experts in the past, they knew TDK could get the job done.
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Google AdWords
Google Analytics
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Glik’s e-commerce store was experiencing a high shopping cart abandonment rate from users who would leave the site prior to checkout.  Technical restrictions kept the site from being able to capture the user information of the cart abandoners, thus Glik’s was unable to deliver an offer to incentivize the purchase completion.  

Upon analysis of the requirements and technology, TDK provided multiple options and recommended various approaches. Glik's was able to make a selection from the available options that best fit the needs of their business.  TDK utilized technology to track customer activity and product interest based on each user's navigation and shopping cart behavior through the client's e-commerce store.  This enabled TDK to serve individualized banner ads on a wide variety of sites to those customers who demonstrated interest in particular products, but had left the Glik’s site without purchasing.  Instead of serving those customers a generic branded banner ad, TDK utilized technologies that allowed our client to serve banner ads that were dynamically populated and generated with the specific product(s) the customer was viewing.  This enabled Glik’s to showcase these products of interest for a definite length of time; the time that the products are displayed to each user is based on market research that indicates the window of time that the user is most likely to return to complete the purchase.

To aid in the management of ad versions for many hundreds of available products, the solution dynamically creates each customized ad on a per-customer basis in order to individualize each banner according to customer preference. TDK's Project Team developed a solution that automated the creation of individualized product ads and delivered the additional benefit of significantly reducing efforts for graphic design, web development, and campaign management, saving innumerable hours. Glik’s continues to leverage TDK for their Digital Marketing needs and continues to see measurable results in traffic and revenue.

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