TDK Technologies was approached by an existing criminal justice client to determine the feasibility of creating a facial recognition system. They needed the system to identify human subjects by capturing a picture of their face. TDK conducted an evaluation of various digital cameras and technology options to create a proof-of-concept for the facial recognition system.
Technologies Used
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Having worked together for many years, this technology services firm for criminal justice and other government agencies was familiar with TDK Technologies and our diverse technology expertise. TDK was chosen to provide a technology assessment and proof-of-concept to evaluate face tracking with an HD camera and open source software libraries.  TDK evaluated several digital cameras, including security cameras with hardware pan/tilt/zoom features, as well as high resolution stationary cameras with software pan/zoom.  OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) software was used to handle the human face identification and tracking.  

TDK was able to create a successful facial recognition proof-of-concept that accurately identified and captured faces of human subjects.  The client was then able to take this research and move forward with internal development of the facial recognition technology for crimial justice, law enforcement and other government agencies.

TDK has redefined IT Consulting for me.
- Marc Meschke
System Manager - Law Enforcement Applications, REJIS Commission
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