Several business segments within Graybar Electric (Graybar) compiled and maintained their own business data, resulting in customer data being only accessible to the individual segments. Graybar needed a master customer record integrated from multiple data sets. The integrated data solution was a high priority to Graybar and they sought to complete the consolidation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
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Public Cloud
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Graybar Electric (Graybar) needed to build a next generation business analytics solution to leverage data sets coming from various customer relationship management tools. Graybar knew an integrated master customer record would allow business users to analyze customers and prospects more efficiently and effectively. Graybar contacted TDK Technologies (TDK) to deliver a high quality business analytics solution within a reasonable timeframe and at an affordable cost.

TDK built and configured a public cloud infrastructure and a Hadoop data platform. Using Graybar's specifications, TDK created a new master record of all existing customers and built a Hadoop MapReduce deduplication program. Utilizing Hive tables for querying and transforming the data, TDK used Pig to insert the data into HDFS. TDK delivered a real-time data mining solution with a query feature, which allowed users the ability to query, view, and analyze data without IT assistance.

The master customer record storage allows Graybar business segments to see comprehensive data on all customers and prospects. TDK completed the project within the timeline and budget, allowing business segments to quickly analyze customer attributes and opportunities.

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