Innovative Claims Service (ICS) needed to replace their existing portal to streamline information moving through the claims process and better serve their customers. A restructured portal would improve the efficiency of inputting and tracking of claims. ICS contacted TDK to create the required solution.
Technologies Used
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ICS, who manages insurance claims, needed a revamped portal to improve the efficiency of moving information through the claims process for their customers. TDK was tasked to create a portal, which allowed the business to input claim information and give ICS the required data to resolve the claim more quickly. The project also included developing the framework with the ability to more easily add future features and enhancements. TDK collaborated with ICS to outline features and requirements.

TDK’s agile approach based on time-boxed iterations allowed opportunities to pivot as features and priorities were defined. This approach also allowed the flexibility to implement the right features at the right time while creating the foundation to easily add new features. To provide an easy transfer of knowledge and ongoing maintenance, TDK leveraged the MEAN technology stack, a collection of JavaScript-based technologies. The portal is a single-page application built with AngularJS, BreezeJS, and Bootstrap on the front-end. The application consumes a RESTful API built with NodeJS, SequelizeJS, and Express, which hooks into an existing MySQL database. TDK also assisted in the deployment of the application in the ICS infrastructure.

With the new portal and functionality, ICS continues to provide world-class service to their clients.

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