Materials Management Concepts, Inc . (MMCI) engaged TDK Technologies to perform a code review on the Warehouse Management System product Direct ConneX (DCX) in support of acquisition due diligence. TDK’s Chief Technology Officer and .NET Architect reviewed the application’s code and database for 15 unique qualities as well as a thorough review into the existence of third-party and/or open source licenses that are utilized within the application. The TDK team met with key stakeholders at MMCI to view a full product demonstration and to answer questions identified by TDK during the code review.
Technologies Used
Direct ConneX (DCX)
Software Licensing
Unit Tests
Visual Studio
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Materials Management Concepts, Inc. specializes in the integration of world-class material handling systems and optimizing operations.  TDK completed a thorough code review of the Direct ConneX product with a major focus on the scalability of the system and if there were any concerns (which none were found).  The evaluation included overall code structure and organization, design patterns, complexity metrics, resharper analysis (violations of best practices), complex components, libraries, plug-ins, and database. TDK also looked at the overall care and past maintenance of the application. Based on findings, TDK provided a comprehensive analysis outlining concerns and recommendations as they related to MMCI and their specific needs.

The detailed report gave MMCI the foundation to evaluate the Direct ConneX product and ensure it met MMCI's best practices.

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