Intercard Inc. needed to expand their business globally, but their software product was limited. TDK Technologies was engaged to expand Intercard’s existing application suite in order to support global markets. TDK provided a full project solution including reviewing existing code, gathering requirements, software development and QA testing. During the project, TDK worked to deliver functionality in an iterative fashion allowing specific features to be demonstrated as needed in order to support Intercard’s business plan. TDK designed a software system that would support multiple foreign languages and allowed Intercard to add additional languages as their business enters new markets.
Technologies Used
Project Management
Visual Studio
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Intercard Inc. is the market leader in stored value cards for the amusement and casino industries with over 1100 successful installations around the globe that support the entertainment, video game and electronic gambling industries.  Intercard was expanding their market globally, but the software products that supported this technology were only designed to support one language.  With the market rapidly expanding around the globe, Intercard needed to move quickly to bring in a responsive technology partner in order to meet the tight deadlines.

TDK Technologies provided software development and project management to expand the pre-existing Intercard application suite for the global market.  TDK gathered requirements and researched these applications to determine the best approach for software internationalization for multiple languages, while maintaining system stability and allowing for future application updates.

The project tasks and the nature of the application revealed some challenges.  TDK was able to focus on the proper approach to enhancing the software package, which allowed Intercard to focus on the demands of their global business expansion.  When these demands required application demonstrations for major customers, TDK coordinated with Intercard so that each demo occurred smoothly and seamlessly with no disruptions to other portions of the site.  

To complete the project, TDK worked with client team members and language translators to provide a functional, internationalized software application that was ready for use.  In many ways, TDK's experience and innovation allowed for safety nets and quickly repaired defects to accomplish the ever changing needs of the project.  An installer package was created to quickly deploy the application and its components, while greatly reducing file size of the previous installer.  Through the use of Resharper, TDK was able to analyze and quickly pinpoint translatable portions of the application.  A mobile application was designed for field resources to install across the globe.  After gathering all of the text to be translated, a translator module was built to quickly provide automated translation for all of the 3,700+ lines of text.  TDK provided weekly detailed status on progress of code modifications.  Intercard successfully rolled out the updated software application to its international customer base and is now able to easily add additional languages as needed.

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