Simon Law Firm needed to attract new clients and expand their revenue base. To support this goal, TDK Technologies, known for their digital marketing capabilities, was engaged to perform ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help this St. Louis based law firm optimize their website and increase its organic ranking across search engines.
Technologies Used
Data Analytics
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St. Louis law firm, Simon Law, approached TDK Technologies with the desire for new site content, optimized website architecture, and higher search engine rankings for specific legal services related keyword phrases to help capture new clients and revenue.

TDK gathered requirements and provided new site architecture with optimized content, to improve overall crawlability and organic ranking by search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo). TDK Technologies' SEO Specialists knew the right questions to ask to make sure the most relevant keywords were targeted for ongoing optimization in order for the search engines to provide a higher ranking for Simon Law in both national and local search engine results.  Market research determined which specific search keyword phases were most commonly being searched by users. 

The target audience of the website is individuals interested in reasearching and narrowing down their options to choose the right law firm.  Comprehensive industry keyword research was able to identify which searches, terms and phrases are used by a user in this research phase of the selection process.  TDK's skilled and experienced online marketing consultants were able to focus efforts on increasing natural/organic search traffic for these relevant keyword phrases.  In this way, TDK Technologies was able to deliver higher organic ranking on the selected phrases through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) services.  This improved organic search ranking positions, which delivered a marked increase in relevant traffic, directly contributed to an increased ROI.

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