Glik’s, a fashion retailer, needed to ensure that customers searching online found accurate information for each store location. The solution needed to support major local business listing portals, including search engines, mobile apps and intelligent personal assistants (i.e., Siri). Glik’s enlisted TDK Technologies to optimize these citations to improve their customer experience. TDK streamlined their data, creating a single source for storing all location information, which reduced the maintenance required to update the data and allowed the data to be quickly uploaded and distributed. TDK was able to optimize Glik’s ranking on local searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, allowing customers to easily access accurate information on local Glik’s locations.
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Local Citation Portal
Data Analytics
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Glik's a fashion apparel retailer,  owns more than 60 brick and mortar locations across the Midwest. The original information for these physical retail store locations in major business directories for Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) was very inconsistent, often limited, inaccurate or missing altogether. This task was made even more cumbersome due to the fact that each location was allowed to vary their hours of operation depending on the season or local shopping patterns. Consistent NAP citations across a variety of online properties help search engines develop confidence in knowing that your listed physical store location is accurate. It is reported that Citation related factors make up 25% of the top twenty search ranking factors, making local business citation listing optimization service a key component in improving your rankings in organic search engine results.

Glik’s needed a way to ensure that customers could find accurate store addresses and information through the hundreds of available online portals like search engines, mobile apps, local directories, GPS systems and intelligent personal assistants like Siri. The correct solution would also provide customers the most accurate and up-to-date information to connect with the store. Glik’s knew that TDK Technologies’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts could help solve this complex problem with innovative solutions.

Glik's primary focus was to enhance the customer experience in locating their brick and mortar retail locations.  TDK Technologies' Search Engine Optimization team used multiple techniques for achieving this goal.  The primary challenge of optimizing this business process was the sheer number of online NAP information providers.  TDK was able to provide a streamlined process to update and optimize each local business/retail location's phone number, address, store description, brands offered and other contact information across the varied NAP portals and search engines.  All of the information for each location is now stored in an easy to update spreadsheet, which has dramatically reduced maintenance efforts.  This data can be uploaded through a single user interface and efficiently distributed in order to update profile information across more than 100 local business directories. As these location based portals are commonly used by shoppers in the retail industry, this local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service had a major and direct impact on the company's revenue.  It also improved their ranking in local searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo, which established their presence in local, GPS and shopping apps.

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