LTI Trucking Services (LTI), a growing transportation and logistics company, sought to ensure each of its routes produced the best capacity and cost efficiency. TDK analyzed load routing data and developed an application to import route data, which provided LTI the ability to identify new, lower cost business opportunities.
Technologies Used
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LTI Trucking's strive for excellence keeps them continually seeking ways to optimize the use of their trucks. Due to significant customer growth, LTI needed a way to quickly analyze route data to provide a competitive advantage and win new business.

LTI's corporate customers needing logistics services provide large amounts of data outlining load routes.  TDK analyzed customer load routing data and designed an application to assist LTI with identifying potential capacity available for increasing revenue.   TDK built an application using .NET and SQL to import data into a standard template and then load into the system.  The database generates customer proposals and allows searches of the database to isolate or select specific information.  The application allows LTI to successfully determine best pricing for customers and ensure truck routes utilize capacity as productively as possible.

LTI desired to support and maintain the newly created application in-house. Upon completion of the project, TDK provided a knowledge transfer to LTI's Technical Resource. 

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