A global leader in the financial services industry needed enhancements to their rewards platform. Using a highly collaborative and innovative approach, TDK was able to quickly understand the business goals, and design and develop solutions specific to their needs.
Technologies Used
Oracle AQ
Responsive Design
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TDK was tasked to analyze, design, implement and test several enhancements to the rewards platform.

  1. Allowing for presentation of two separate rewards programs within one website, TDK identified and applied the database related changes needed to support the required changes. Web front-end development was completed to show member rewards points of non-client bank products. TDK wrote SQL to identify accounts for these bank products in the calculation of available rewards points. Modifications were made to the cash back batch process to support sweeping cards for rewards points.
  2. TDK provided members with the ability to more efficiently manage their account, including presenting more informative reward details. Additional options were made available to members when redeeming rewards points. The solution allowed new functionality to be customized based on the client's preferences.
  3. TDK created a scalable system to connect third-party banks and multiple internal and customer-facing applications, providing new reward services to more banks and their customers. TDK updated internal applications to retrieve previously inaccessible information about reward transactions from either internal sources or third-party banks. The solution provided near real-time customer reward services.
  4. TDK implemented a new, quite complex, time-dependent reward points calculation model.  Required modifications were completed at several tiers including UI display, Java business logic, and PL/SQL. TDK worked closely with client's development team to get the solution integrated into the legacy application.

The  collaboration efforts on multiple initiatives resulted in the completion of timely solutions, which enhanced the client's customer and member relationships. TDK's in-house team of technical leads, user interface/user experience designers, architects, developers, business analysts, quality assurance specialist, and project managers ensured successful delivery of products which not only met the client's needs, but positioned them well with their clients and members.

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