A financial services firm brought TDK an assignment to design and develop an important infrastructural software component.
Technologies Used
Web Services
SMS Messaging
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The client was in the process of building a new advanced processing solution with aggressive timelines and industry leading system capabilities.  An integral component was required that would provide a vehicle for the advanced processing application suite to deliver alerts and notifications to customers and system users via email and/or SMS text messages.  The client turned to TDK to build out a robust, efficient and easily maintained solution that would act as an abstract gateway between the application suite notification queues and vendor message delivery web service gateways.

TDK initiated the effort by performing an in-depth analysis of the requirements, constraints and architectural expectations of the customer.  A solution design was created that addressed all customer requirements and was consistent with architectural expectations and deployment environment constraints.  The gateway developed by TDK was comprised of a self-scheduled and self-configured stand-alone service.  Pending notifications were retrieved and delivered largely via web service invocations, and a public web service API was published for 3rd party message delivery vendors to report message delivery status.  The technical environment was comprised of J2EE, WebSphere, Spring, and Web Services.  The software was delivered to the customer with elaborate sets of unit tests and integration test suites.

The successful solution delivery and reliable performance of the production deployment resulted in the client returning to TDK to enhance the capabilities of the component in support of new business requirements.

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