A long time client of TDK Technologies needed to redesign and rewrite a core application for their business. They needed an application that was optimized for every device size. They knew that TDK could deliver, and this was the result.
Technologies Used
jQuery Mobile
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A government services firm that provides information technology products and services to criminal justice and other government agencies needed to redesign and develop a new format and front-end for their outdated application serving the legal community; specifically the Missouri Bar.  The application allows Missouri Bar Association members and attorneys to quickly access information about clients  through mobile devices or while in the office via a desktop computer.

The client was familiar with TDK Technologies as they had worked together on many previous engagements.  When they were looking for a partner to provide the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design for their new front-end, they knew TDK could deliver.  The project had a tight timeline because the client needed to include the results of our project into an overall business case that would be used to request development funds.

TDK Technologies assembled a team of experienced professionals to provide UI/UX discovery and design services.  Expertise was provided by a business analyst, mobile application developer, UI designer and process support from a skilled project manager.  Several discovery and elaboration sessions were held which allowed TDK to provide a series of wireframe layouts using Balsamiq.  These were then used to generate the prototype mockups using Photoshop. The wireframes and graphical mockups consisted of approximately 20 different screens for each device. These were then reviewed iteratively with the client team so they could prepare their development specification and business case. TDK also provided consulting regarding price, schedule and architecture.

TDK continued to assist the client throughout the remaining design phase and was also chosen to assist with the development of the mobile application based on TDK’s proven knowledge in cutting edge mobile development.  The client was able to take the provided wireframes and mockups for the rest of the screens and plan future development projects for the rest of the program.

TDK developed a JQuery mobile application targeting the Android and iOS platforms.  The application serves as a companion to the desktop application and allows the user to perform detailed searches quickly from a mobile device.  By choosing the Backbone.js framework, TDK was able to create an application that conformed to the industry standard MVC pattern while delivering fast results from multiple government databases.

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