MOHELA needed a central repayment calculation to provide consistency across systems and users. TDK enhanced MOHELA's platform to provide Borrowers and Customer Service Representatives the ability to see the same repayment plans available.
Technologies Used
SQL Server
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MOHELA's Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) began the repayment plan process in the mainframe application. When the step to submit the request was reached, the CSRs would have to stop the process in order to review what each of the plans (approximately 5) might offer. Borrowers were unable to see how the repayment plan amounts calculated by CSRs were reached and the numbers were different from what Borrowers saw when they used the online system to calculate the repayment on their own. This was not a very efficient process.

MOHELA needed a solid resolution to the calculation discrepancy. Using the WCF service application, TDK mirrored a central calculation to the mainframe application. This allowed both CSRs and Borrowers to use the same numbers for calculating different types of repayment programs. As a result, Borrowers saw the same information the CSRs used to calculate the plans, which removed confusion and gave them the ability to efficiently choose the best plan available.

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