In preparation for software development work on the rewrite of a core order management system, InteliSpend contracted with TDK Technologies to assist them with planning activities. TDK’s team worked with InteliSpend to create a groomed backlog of user stories to be developed using Agile methodology. The TDK team helped InteliSpend construct a software development roadmap, which allowed them to prioritize the features and identify the team size necessary to complete the software development project within the given time frame. With this knowledge and the groomed backlog, InteliSpend was able to successfully prepare and plan for the development phases.
Technologies Used
Ruby on Rails
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TDK Technologies had previously performed an Agile Assessment for InteliSpend and had a good understanding of their internal processes, culture and team. InteliSpend engaged TDK to assist with the planning phase to rewrite one of their core systems. Their biggest needs were in creating and grooming of their Agile project backlog and determining the size of the team needed to complete the scope within the budgeted time frame. 

TDK selected an experienced cross-functional Agile Scrum team to assist InteliSpend with the planning phase. TDK assisted the InteliSpend Project Manager and Product Owner with prioritizing the features (epics) and building the project roadmap. Based on this project roadmap, InteliSpend and TDK were able to identify the number of Scrum teams needed to support the project. A development environment was created to assist with integration testing and support all the Scrum teams. The TDK team also worked with InteliSpend to write user stories and groom them in order to create a backlog of adequate size to support the development work.

Using the information gathered in the planning phase, InteliSpend was able to determine how many outside resources they would need to complete the project. InteliSpend selected TDK on a development contract to staff and deploy the two additional Scrum teams necessary to complete the project.

We continue to experience measurable gains in productivity, quality and velocity as a result of applying (TDK's) experience and insight to our unique situation.
- Jeff Villmer
Director, Information Technology, InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions
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