Garlich Printing approached TDK Technologies to assist them with their order tracking and customer service process. Prior to TDK's engagement, each Customer Service Representative (CSR) was managing their own orders independently. This prevented other CSRs from having visibility and assisting with orders when needed. After analyzing Garlich Printing’s current system and understanding their needs, TDK developed a web-based order management system to share order viewing and streamline the overall process.
Technologies Used
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Garlich Printing’s customer service team was tracking orders and performing status updates manually.  Each Customer Service Representative (CSR) had his or her own process for maintaining order status within Excel worksheets. This made it difficult for CSR's to access and assist with the orders being tracked by their teammates. A uniform and standardized process was needed to streamline order status management, provide order information, and reduce maintenance costs. Furthermore, the order status data needed to be stored in a central location that was easily accessible to both CSR's and their customers.

The experienced team at TDK Technologies took the time to get to know the business in order to elicit a comprehensive list of requirements. Based on input from the Director of IT and Garlich Printing’s CSRs, TDK confirmed the technical approach for the development of an order management system grid within the client’s existing content management system. TDK’s web application team then built the solution to meet the requirements. TDK developed an HTML5 grid which allowed orders to be viewed, added, sorted, filtered, searched and edited inline. Role management allowed administrators to assign access so customers could view only their orders, and CSRs could view all orders and assist each other when necessary.

The final solution contained multiple modules, libraries and custom configurations which were assembled into a simple and automated installation package for deployment.

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