Pulaski Bank (Pulaski) previously collaborated with TDK to create an issue tracking system. As with any system, the users will identify additional features as the system is being used. Pulaski contacted TDK to develop additional functionality.
Technologies Used
Entity Framework 6
Visual Studio 2015
SQL Server 2012 R2
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Pulaski’s objective of helping clients reach financial freedom and goals continually pushes their commitment to combine the latest technology with exceptional service. To ensure a more timely resolution of issues identified during the loan process, Pulaski developed an issue tracking system. The users identified additional features while using the system.  Based on their previous relationship and experience, Pulaski knew TDK would bring the knowledge and expertise to complete the work.

TDK developed an auto-update feature for the loan status. Implementing this functionality removed extra tasks from the day-to-day workflow, increasing the productivity of the users.  Data validation and scrubbing were automated as part of the pre-process to ensure the users were receiving the most up-to-date and accurate data for each loan.  Programming updates resolved Locked Loan and Closed Loan discrepancies appearing on loans. Development included multiple SSRS generated report fixes, optimizations, and new reports.

The enhancements to the issue tracking system put Pulaski in a position to continue focusing on their customers and resolving loan issues even quicker and more efficiently.

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