TDK developed a professional services website for Seventh Wave, a St. Louis pre-clinical drug development lab.
Technologies Used
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Prior to this project, Seventh Wave's website was a static HTML website that summarized services of the firm and highlighted the scientists that supported those services.  In order to make changes to the prior site, Seventh Wave needed to forward requests to the web developer for a fee.  Few changes were made and the site became very stale and dated. The marketing focus centered on converting the prior site into an information portal that would improve communications, generate new business, and meet the changes of an evolving marketing paradigm.  Beyond the added functionality, Seventh Wave wanted to refresh the "look and feel" of their website and gather information about what was of interest to site visitors.  In addition, they desired a Content Management System (CMS) to provide the ability to modify and add content to the website without engaging a vendor. 

TDK started immediately to identify Seventh Wave's web needs.  Working with True North Group, the firm's marketing consultant, TDK captured the site goals, established the site architecture, integrated the site's new "look & feel", and implemented the wireframes for each site page.   Over a five week period TDK assembled the functionality using open-source content management software - Drupal, and developed the theme (site look and feel) in HTML, JavaScript and CSS from PhotoShop files provided by a creative design firm.  In the sixth week the functionality was tested and in the seventh week the content was loaded and presented to the client.  The site was well received.   As with any project, adjustments were needed.  TDK programmers were very responsive, making those changes quickly.  Once finalized, the site was turned over to True North Group for ongoing content development. 

The results have been very impressive to date.  TDK installed and configured Drupal CMS; developed, tested and published all the web pages on the hosting vendor's servers; and all completed in seven weeks.  The marketing value quickly became apparent.  Over the past 12 months, the client has built numerous subscribers, is listed first in two Google categories, and received over 4 requests for scientific projects that resulted in 3 paid projects.

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