A large regional food distribution company which serves commercial and institutional customers in nine states needed to automate and simplify how it manages important communications affecting its customers. SGC Foodservice (SGC) wanted to create a portal where customers could easily interact with the company, especially the sales and distribution teams. SGC turned to TDK Technologies to create the portal -- a single spot for ordering, tracking products and accessing reports -- so it would be easier for customers to do business with SGC.
Technologies Used
Ionic 3
Firebase Cloud Messaging
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SGC wanted to create a central communication portal to put real-time information at the fingertips of customers and managers, who previously relied on email or phone calls to check the status of orders, deliveries and other key pieces of information. The streamlined system would improve the efficiency and responsiveness of SGC district sales representatives, who are responsible for multiple customers in their service areas. The portal would also make it possible for district sales managers to get access to reports required to enhance organizational performance.

With an understanding of SGC’s goals, TDK created the web-based portal from scratch, based on a responsive design so the portal would be functional on desktop browsers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  The TDK design was based on a single code based, which could be published to iOS, Android and the web, allowing the team to push all updates to all platforms simultaneously.  The team also designed and built an Application Programming Interface (API) to display order information and send notifications for defined flow points.  At any time, customers and the SGC sales team can access the portal to get a visual of truck delivery and special-order status. 

In addition, the TDK team created convenient mobile app-based access to materials for the sales team, with content accessibility granted according to an individual’s role within the organization. The team was able to overcome challenges of generating appropriate reports for those individual roles by developing a methodology that sorts relevant data properly, especially when information from a third-party vendor is involved.

Feedback on the project deliverables has been favorable, particularly the functionality of the portal as it relates to the overall design. The Customer Portal is a central point that allows customers to interact and conduct business with SGC and reference content.  The portal helps the SGC sales team more easily manage customer relationships.

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