SGC Foodservice's website was outdated, and their competition's web presence was more appealing. A new visually appealing website with a great user experience was needed to present themselves as a modern company in the grocery distribution business. They turned to TDK Technologies.
Technologies Used
Balsamiq Photoshop
Drupal 7
Bootstrap 3
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SGC Foodservice (SGC) approached TDK Technologies in need of a new web site because their current site was outdated and SGC needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  SGC wanted a clean look and feel to their site, that was simple, yet attractive and informative for their customers.  

SGC provides their clients with superior customer service, and a fresh, updated website is an essential way to convey this message.  For the initial engagement, SGC requested a detailed estimate of what it would take to build a new website.  To provide this, TDK facilitated numerous discovery sessions in order to evaluate the needs for the site.  From there, TDK provided a full requirements document that would serve as the basis for the website build.  SGC wanted something fresh and a design that reflected them as a modern company, able to meet all their modern customer’s needs.  To create this design, TDK leveraged their UI/UX experts and developed wireframes for the entire site, as well as full resolution mock ups that would relay the look and feel of the new website.  UI/UX experts used Balsamiq to provide the wireframes and Photoshop to provide the new full resolution mockups.  Finally, a content strategy and a full site map was developed that would serve as the outline for the new website.  This completed phase 1 of the engagement.  

Based on the quality of the deliverables that were provided in phase 1, SGC had a clear understanding of the quality and experience of TDK's web development and design specialists.  SGC elected to continue with phase 2 of the project and develop the new website.  

Phase 2 of the Springfield Grocer website project began with a quick design phase that involved an iteration to finalize design and content strategy from Phase 1.  Once design was finalized, TDK assisted SGC with gathering all the content that would be needed.  Knowing that having content is essential for project success and controlling budget, SGC was able to provide the majority of content up front to avoid double work in the development phase down the road.   During this time, the TDK development team chose a Content Management System that would optimally meet SGC’s needs.  Drupal 7 was chosen for it’s scalability and ease of customization.  
Once the majority of content was completed, development began on the new SGC Drupal 7 website.  The timeline was short because of a sales meeting SGC was holding, so the TDK team laid out a specific and aggressive project plan to complete development prior to that meeting.  Weekly demo meetings were held to present project progress and discuss any questions that may have come up.   The website was ready for the sales meeting and was launched a few days later.  TDK continues to work with Springfield Grocer on adding features and additional functionality.  


The people and service from TDK are top quality – from initial request to the execution of the project. The SGC team continues to receive great support from TDK.
- Tommy Wohlgemuth
CFO, Springfield Grocer Company
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