Simon Law Firm, a local trial law firm, approached TDK with some major problems with their website and web presence.
Technologies Used
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A few years ago, another web development company had built two sites with separate content for the client.  Simon Law couldn’t efficiently update the sites, make any style or layout changes to the sites, find themselves on a Google search, and wasn't even sure if the sites could be seen by users.   They wanted one site with integrated content.  They wanted full control over their site, the ability for non technical users to update the site, and much better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

TDK assisted Simon Law in choosing Drupal as a Content Management System and began development by pulling the 200+ pages of content from both of the client’s sites.  TDK uploaded the content into Drupal and arranged it in a way that the client could manage and update easily.  Several training sessions were held for the client to get familiar with Drupal.  Full SEO analysis was conducted and incorporated into the site design from the beginning in order to make the site search engine friendly. TDK helped Simon Law choose a hosting company, managed and executed the rollout plan, and launched the site.  

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