CCA Global Partners, a global provider of retailing, wholesaling, franchising and related B2B services, faced a need to migrate its database environment to SQL Server 2008, due to Microsoft's elimination of support for SQL Server 2000.
Technologies Used
SQL Server
Visual Studio
Microsoft Access
Business Analysis
Microsoft Visio
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This was a particularly challenging situation, due to the fact that over the previous 10 years, more than a dozen custom applications had been created for the business in a number of different technologies, including Access and VB6.  A few of the applications received limited or no usage.  Several of the applications contained functionality that overlapped with others in use.  In many cases, multiple applications were used to complete one task.  Very little documentation existed about each application regarding its functionality and purpose. CCA engaged TDK Technologies to complete an assessment of the applications to determine which were still in use, where redundancies could be eliminated, and recommendations for better technical solutions. 

TDK analyzed the current applications in order to understand and document relationships between data, functions, platform components and the user interfaces.  In addition, TDK interviewed key Marketing team members to understand the usage of each application, uncover and document business requirements, and determine desired areas of improvement.  TDK also expanded upon existing documentation related to the SQL Server conversion and support, including a detailed schematic of the future state.

The deliverables for this engagement included expanded technical support documentation for the applications that needed to be migrated, a detailed findings document from interviews and code review, a schematic of the current state versus the proposed future state, and recommendations for migrating, retiring or replacing the applications.  TDK created an execution plan for completing the migration and upgrade to SQL Server as well as a matrix detailing the impact to the business and ROI justification.

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