Trinity Products, Inc (Trinity) engaged TDK Technologies to evaluate their current technology state and provide technology recommendations to support their future growth. TDK developed a technology roadmap for Trinity, which provided detailed recommendations. The technology roadmap included tools to assist Trinity in prioritizing the recommendations to deliver the greatest impact in the shortest timeline.
Technologies Used
Active Directory
Windows Server
Crystal Reports
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Trinity, a growing manufacturer of spiral-weld steel pipe, needed to determine if their current technology state was capable of supporting the continued growth of the business. To make this determination, Trinity engaged TDK Technologies to perform a technology assessment and develop a technology roadmap to help them meet their future business needs.

TDK initiated the project by meeting with executives to understand Trinity’s vision and business plans for growth over the next 3-5 years. TDK then developed and implemented online discovery questionnaires and conducted interviews of stakeholders to assess Trinity’s current technology state and identify user pain points.

Based on the information obtained from the interviews and questionnaires, TDK was able to construct a picture of Trinity’s current technology state and define what they needed in their future technology state. Using the current and future technology states, TDK conducted a gap analysis.  This gap analysis identified limitations in process, organization and tools within Trinity’s current technical state that would need to be prioritized and addressed to reach their future technology state. 

TDK developed a technology roadmap, based on the results from the gap analysis and the identified pain points, consisting of specific recommendations for improvement. Some of the major recommendations focused on the IT Department Responsibilities and Structure, Information System Management Software, Process Improvement, and Policy Improvement. The technology roadmap detailed out each recommendation, how it would support Trinity’s growth, and ranked each based on its impact to the business and effort to implement, allowing Trinity to define priorities.  TDK also provided a dependency map to further assist Trinity in prioritizing their efforts.

Since delivery of the technology roadmap, Trinity has engaged TDK to assist them with the IT staffing needs identified within the technology roadmap.

TDK conducted an in-depth assessment & delivered a Technology Roadmap. The IT experience for our employees has improved immeasurably. We had no idea how good “it” could be!
- Jim Nazzoli
COO, Trinity Products
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