Indeeco, an innovator in the electric heating and control systems industry, turned to TDK to architect and develop a new web application which would replace existing legacy order management systems and manual processes.
Technologies Used
Castle Dependency Injection
Entity Framework
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Indeeco manufactures electric heating and control systems for a broad range of industrial, marine and commercial uses. Products were managed through either a legacy web application, a legacy thick client application, or manually through paper catalogs. The client’s desire was to quote, order, design and initiate manufacturing of their products through a single web interface, and to have the capability for future product integration.  The reliance on manual processes for some products and the difficulty to support, change or enhance the legacy applications made it difficult to migrate to a web interface with expanded functionality.

The project goal was to replace the legacy applications and manual processes with a new web application which would reside on a new architecture. The new application would contain all the functionality of the legacy applications and also have expanded features and functionality, including a new product catalog. The new application would also exhibit the key quality attributes of maintainability and extensibility which were absent in the legacy applications. TDK provided business analysis, software architecture and software development services. ASP.NET, C#, Razor, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, AJAX, Castle Dependency Injection, Entity Framework, and LINQ were utilized in the technology stack.

TDK business analysts created all of the business requirements for the new system including the accommodation of all known future product considerations.  TDK’s architects then created and implemented the new architecture for the application which provided the level of maintainability and extensibility required by Indeeco. The development team completed the conversion of the legacy applications onto the new application architecture and migrated the customers’ functionality and product information, including the new product catalog functionality.

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