A global leader in the financial services industry desired to enhance its merchant related business intelligence and data mining capabilities.
Technologies Used
Web Services
Google Places API
Google Search API
Factual Resolve API
Factual Crosswalk API
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Their goal was to create an application which could map merchant name and address information to information from various APIs regarding each merchant's web presence. The client approached TDK to help assess the viability of this approach and the usefulness of the data.  After researching several APIs, TDK developed the logic for traversing those APIs and retrieving the desired data. A confidence scoring algorithm was developed to indicate how reliable the data appeared to be. TDK then developed a C#.NET desktop application which read the input data provided by the client, traversed the APIs making requests and storing the relevant response data, and scored the data according to the confidence algorithm. TDK also designed and conducted statistical validation tests to assess both the confidence scoring algorithm and the overall quality of the data. TDK also provided recommendations for future phases of the project which could improve the performance, data quality and confidence scoring of the system.

The client, encouraged by the recommendations and pleased to learn that accurate data was being returned for 81% of the rows, is considering the development of an enterprise grade version of the proof of concept application.

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