A provider of technology services to justice, government and quasi-government agencies was developing a mobile ticketing application.
Technologies Used
Windows Mobile
Web Services
SQL Lite
1D Barcode
2D Barcode
Visual Studio
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Needing to infuse best practices and mobile application development experience into their project team, they turned to TDK for technical mentoring, project leadership, development and architectural support. The client had an existing VB.NET fat client application written to run on laptops in police cars. The application needed to be re-written to run on Windows Mobile 6 handheld devices. In addition to the challenge of developing for the older Windows Mobile 6 platform, the application also had to overcome the challenge of running on devices with inconsistent internet connectivity.

TDK worked to quickly understand the business needs, the existing development environment, the project team structure, and the capabilities of the development team members. Leveraging that knowledge, TDK was able to successfully mentor junior developers and provide the required development and architectural support. Under TDK’s leadership, the team succeeded in developing the application for the Windows Mobile platform, including optimizing web services and database interactions.

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