World Wide Technology (WWT) needed to streamline their external ordering process. A partner with technical expertise was essential to free up internal resources and redesign/rewrite the legacy system. TDK’s quality and experienced resources gave WWT the team necessary to deliver the required solution.
Technologies Used
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Since close collaboration was essential due to the extensiveness of the project, TDK’s software developers integrated with the WWT team. The integration provided development focus and expertise to significantly increase the Service Delivery Team’s velocity. TDK’s knowledge and experience provided the groundwork in assisting WWT with their move to the agile development methodology. Scrum was utilized to outline features, prioritize the features, and assign tasks to Sprints. Flowing into a lean agile methodology as the project progressed provided stronger integration and allowed for higher quality work to be completed in a shorter time period. Breaking the project into Sprints allowed features to be released as development was completed.

Restructure and Integrate Order System

External orders were received at multiple points throughout the WWT order workflow. The rewrite of the legacy order system created a single point of entry for all external orders. Subsystems were built to enhance the order system and provide reusability for other applications such as catalog management, sales administration, and creating report templates. Utilizing the Minimum Viable Product approach allowed a small subset of users to begin using the new system upon the first release. Each subsequent major release provided the additional functionality needed to bring another group on to the new system. Once all users were integrated, every external order was routed through the order system. The new system streamlined all orders, allowing users to successfully track and monitor orders received.

Enable System to be Updated

To further enhance the legacy system, development was completed to enable updates to the application. This functionality provided WWT the capability to create and support a new customer initiative on the application.

WWT’s collaboration with TDK gave them a streamlined order workflow which supplied users with the tools to work more efficiently and the ability to successfully integrate their desired customer initiative. The finished product placed WWT in an excellent position to work more efficiently and gives them the foundation needed for continued growth.

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