World Wide Technology Inc, a leading provider of systems integration technology solutions to companies worldwide, needed to improve its online presence.
Technologies Used
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World Wide Technology Inc. is a systems intergration and technology solutions firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with branch offices in dozens of major cities. Their main web site was published as static HTML, which prohibited rapid changes to the site. This resulted in an outdated website that did not accurately reflect the company it represented. The static HTML site also did not allow for dynamic interaction and engagement with their customers. World Wide Technology desired the ability to quickly and regularly update the website in an efficient fashion, ensure publishing quality through a workflow system, and provide dynamic, engaging content to their customers.

TDK worked with WWT to understand their business needs and define their requirements. TDK then helped select the ideal Content Management System (CMS). TDK selected the appropriate modules to meet the requirements, converted a new graphic design into a theme, and implemented the CMS with the custom theme and modules. TDK not only implemented the pages, but provided training and documentation to WWT so they could continue updating the site with new pages and content.

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