Organizations have been collecting, processing and storing data in a variety of formats for over 50 years.  As storage became cheaper, many organizations built data warehouses to evaluate their business based upon what happened yesterday.  New technologies have emerged and matured over the last decade where data can now be loosely coupled and integrated together to discover relationships and business insights which are predictable and actionable.


Big Data refers to massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, which simply cannot be effectively managed using traditional databases or software.  Predictive analytics, or the ability to apply statistical models and analyze this data for business insights, is very powerful in making informed business decisions. 


Hadoop is an open-source framework for storing and processing Big Data.  It provides massive storage, huge processing power and leverages commodity server hardware.  Many organizations and product vendors are leveraging this mature platform for Big Data.


TDK Technologies has built a data solutions practice around Big Data to help our clients navigate this emerging space.  TDK’s data solution experts work with clients to develop business or use cases, select technologies, build prototypes, develop production data solutions, and discover business insights  through predictive analytics.  

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