As the growth of tablet and smartphone adoption continues, businesses can no longer ignore the need for a mobile presence. This is true regardless of industry sector or target audience. Whether it's consumers, businesses or employees, people in general are increasingly consuming content and using applications (apps) on mobile and tablet devices.


Building an effective mobile presence means different things to different companies. However, there are some common requirements. Users want mobile access to the same content and functionality they find on desktop platforms. They want intuitive, user friendly interfaces that “feel right” on the user's platform of choice (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). They want flexibility in how they access mobile content and apps.


Mobile solutions tend to fall in to a few distinct categories. Some companies need a mobile friendly version of their current website. Others may need a mobile web app that users access through a browser. Still others might need an HTML5 hybrid app which is built once, then deployed to the app stores for users to download and install on their devices, regardless of platform. A company might need native apps that are coded using the programming languages and frameworks of the target platform. In a lot of situations, a company needs all of the above.


Selecting the right approach to mobile app development is as important as the development itself, and involves trade-offs between cost, time to market, accessibility of hardware resources/operating system, and performance.  There is no "one size fits all" solution; companies must weigh their specific situation against the pros and cons of each approach, in order to find the right approach.


TDK Technologies takes a business first approach, understanding the specific needs of the client and crafting the ideal solution to meet those needs. TDK gets to know the client's business, their users and their technical requirements, which in turn influence architectural qualities and design requirements. TDK Technologies is technology and platform agnostic, so clients aren't forced in to a certain approach. The client's business needs always define TDK's approach to building a mobile solution.

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