Computer networks and communications are a critical asset to almost every organization, and System Administrators are crucial to keeping those assets available. System Administrators are responsible for designing, modifying, and maintaining computer systems and networks.  They incorporate years of expertise and knowledge of the ever changing trends in technology to keep systems current so companies can continue to deliver top level services to their customers. 


System Administrators are the driving force behind a company’s technology and communications.  They are problem solvers, troubleshooting and diagnosing hardware and software issues, then defining and implementing the appropriate solutions. In smaller organizations, system administration may include network security, database administration, web administration, desktop support and even computer operations; in larger shops, these roles are likely split.


System Administrators bring a wide variety of skills to the role.  They must combine hardware and software knowledge with a solid understanding of how that hardware and software are used in the organization.  Communication skills are critical; the System Administrator must work with technologists and business people alike to keep computers and networks functional, and making sure that all users have a clear understanding of the problems and fixes for their computing environment.  Vendor relationships are important to ensuring that hardware and software are available when they are needed.  System Administrators may also provide training services to new users of the organization's computer systems.


Planning and monitoring are a large part of the System Administrator's responsibilities. They must ensure that data backups are complete and disaster recovery plans are in place.  They perform routine network startup and shutdown procedures and maintain control records.  Flexibility is key for System Administrators.  The plan they have for their day may quickly be thrown out, if issues arise in the network that require immediate attention. 


The System Administrators of TDK Technologies are a vital part of client operations.  TDK's System Administrators keep client networks available, and make recommendations for improvements.  They design, configure and test hardware and software, and research new technology to make recommendations for implementation.  TDK's System Administrators work with the client's team to ensure availability and keep the network running at peak performance.

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