Most Common Web Application Threats

There are some common threats that everyone from the most experienced hacker to your run of the mill ‘script kiddie’ will focus on. Don’t let your web application fall victim to any of these threats.

Virtualization: Unleash the Power of Technology

Virtualization radically transformed traditional computing by making it possible to run a wide variety of software-created ‘virtual machines’ on one computer.

Securing the Network Layer Against Malicious Attacks

A secure network is a web application’s first line of defense against malicious attacks.

JAAS: Java Authentication and Authorization Service

JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) is a higher-level framework whose main purpose is to factor out authentication and authorization concerns from the rest of the application.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Businesses use data mining techniques to identify potentially useful information in their data, in order to aid business decision making processes. Machine learning is utilized in order to improve these decision making models.

Developing a Security Mindset: Are You Prepared for the Inevitable?

When Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1789 “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes…” the...

Message Brokers: Translators for the Digital Age

A Message Broker is really a translator. It’s a computer program module that sits between the messaging protocol of the sender and the messaging protocol of the receiver.

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