In order to support their growing performance rewards platform, FUSION Marketing (FUSION) recognized a need to analyze and assess the architecture of their core incentive software solution. Goals for the platform included streamlining new client rollouts by reducing complexity; time and effort of client implementations and customizations; standardization of features, data and rules; and enabling enhanced ROI on new platform features and innovations.
Technologies Used
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As a cutting-edge marketing services and solutions agency, FUSION imagines and delivers powerful brand experiences for their clients. FUSION has developed a highly successful software platform for managing and delivering creative and impactful incentive solutions. However, FUSION realized that in order to actualize their true client growth potential, they needed to revisit their original vision for their core performance incentive software solution. A critical pain point was rollout times for new customers. Rollouts were complex, inefficient, and taking far longer than originally anticipated. Additionally, lack of standardization of features, data and rules kept development teams too focused on mundane implementation details and “reinventing the wheel”, instead of focusing more on feature enhancements and platform innovations, which would add more value to their customers. Drawing on the strong relationship already in place, FUSION tasked TDK to analyze their existing system, make recommendations for architecture improvements, and provide a roadmap to complete development.

TDK began with a discovery process to learn FUSION’s core business needs. This included a technical review and documentation of the existing system processes and architecture. TDK analyzed the findings, looking for opportunities to refactor, modify and extend the existing platform in order to bring it closer to FUSION’s vision for the software. After careful review of FUSION’s systems and architecture, TDK presented FUSION with multiple solution roadmaps to reduce technical overhead and drive faster ROI. With the information TDK supplied, FUSION was able to determine the best approach for their core incentive software solution.

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