Software development is more than writing code.  It is bringing together business needs with technical means to develop a solution that gives the business increased capabilities and efficiencies to provide their goods and services to the marketplace. 


Structured software development uses methodology to guide the sequence of events that occur during the development process.  Having a consistent, repeatable approach to building software improves team productivity and quality of the finished product.  Whether it's waterfall, iterative, agile, or some other variation on the theme, there are common activities that occur in any development effort.


Good software development begins with good requirements.  Understanding the "pain" of the business and how technology can be applied to alleviate that pain is the critical first step.  Taking the time to understand existing business processes (both automated and manual) is important, to ensure that the requirements deliver not just what the stakeholders want, but, more importantly, what the business needs.  Communicating those requirements in a manner that is meaningful to the development team puts the process in motion.


Understanding the requirements leads into design, from which coding can begin.  Just as you wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, coding without some level of design leads to bad software.  Design allows the team to ensure that the product is stable and supports the business not just now, but into the future, as well.  Testing to validate that the software meets the requirements that were laid out and is defect-free rounds out the development cycle and positions the software for deployment.  Software development is on-going, though, with post-deployment support, maintenance and enhancement.


TDK Technologies has a "business first" approach to software development, which opens channels of communication between the customer and the development team, allowing TDK to avoid many of the common pitfalls of development when producing a product. By understanding the business, listening to the needs of the customer and getting the input of the development team, TDK is able to pair the best technology to the customer's needs.  Whether following the client's processes or TDK's internal processes, the software development teams of TDK Technologies are able to deliver the right solution to meet the client's business need.

An IT pro who'll take the time to learn my business. Is that too much to ask?